Decorative Quartz/Flake

KSL Flooring Solutions is proud to offer a decorative quartz / flake flooring system that will create unique and attractive results for any floor. Available in a number of attractive colours and patterns, our distinctive decorative quartz / flake is a vinyl chip system composed of a seamless, multi-coloured quartz aggregate. Decorative flake /quartz flooring enhances your floor’s appearance. Popular for locker rooms, hospitals and pharmaceutical environments, our KSL concrete polishing experts can also fashion a terrazzo look by adding a cove base moulding along the border the floor meets the wall. Many local businesses have also requested our decorative quartz / flake to fashion pleasant and inviting atmospheres for offices, commercial showrooms, washrooms, entranceways and more.

Our company offers decorative quartz / flake floor coatings for homes and businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener, St. Catharines and nearby communities. Decorative quartz / flake flooring can be incorporated into many of our other floor coatings, including:

  • Cementitious Urethane
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Epoxy Mortar Systems
  • Decorative Microcement
  • MMA (Methyl Methacrylate)
  • Static Dissipative (ESD) Flooring
  • Waterproof Membranes
  • Safety Markings & Line Painting

Our company has built a reputation for providing attractive results for floors all over Southern Ontario! Contact KSL today to discuss additional options that our company offers for commercial, industrial, or residential flooring system. Our experienced flooring experts offer quality concrete polishing services and a wide selection of other floor coatings. Find out what clients say and review our gallery of project photos to see what our company can do for you and your floors.

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